Some blogs I follow:

Moe Sucks
Given the choice between reading just this blog or all the rest of the aniblogosphere, I’d choose just this blog in a heartbeat. E Minor’s updating schedule is pretty sporadic, going long periods without posting, but the dude writes about anime like no-one else. It was through this blog I first discovered and gained an appreciation for exploring gender portrayal in anime. It was through this blog I learned of the intentional fallacy. It was through this blog that I began to learn to analyse anime in terms of its cultural context, to dig for the deeper implications of tropes and the like.

8thSin Fansubs & Crymore
Dark_Sage and 8thsin both do fansub reviews, which is a great service. Personally, I think 8thsin does it better, but Dark_Sage updates a lot more frequently, so they’re both a great resource.

The Untold Story of Altair & Vega
A loose collection of bloggers writing fantastic editorials about the latest shows. Their Penguindrum colloquia made for some of the best analysis on that show, and not for lack of other great analyses. It’s definitely missing something with Vuc and Emily no longer writing their magnificent colloquia, but if you’re looking for engaging, contemplative writing, this is a great place to go.

GAR GAR Stegosaurus
I usually don’t enjoy blogs that just focus on the blogger’s immediate reaction to shows, but Day’s got a warm, colloquial writing style that’s really fun to read. She often has a unique, interesting perspective on the shows that are coming out too. Definitely worth a look.

The Nihon Review
They write good reviews which are both apt and entertaining to read. That’s pretty much all there is to say for this one.

The Cart Driver
All three writers have something important they bring, but I must admit it’s Scamp’s writing I enjoy the most. He has such a refreshingly down-to-earth style that just cuts through so much of the bullshit surrounding a show. This means he does seem to miss the nuance of some shows, but there are plenty of bloggers who get the nuance and just blithely accept whatever they watch, what Scamp brings is definitely a little special.

Fantastic Memes
I think I grabbed the wrong end of the stick with Froggy-kun to begin with. I took his intense interest in the medium (in all its forms) as bad taste, and while this assumption may not have been completely wrong, talking with him more I realise better the depth of his self-awareness and his very well thought-out take on many aspects of the medium. I’ve found myself coming to a similar perspective recently, and I see him as a kindred spirit of sorts, a pensive fellow desperately trying to reconcile different parts of himself and the medium, just like me.

More to the point, it’s hard not to love the dude and his writing. He’s great at stimulating discussion, and he always seems to be making a conscious effort to try and connect different parts of the aniblogosphere. His writing is sharp and fun to read, even when you disagree, and he’s great at mixing in a more personal touch.

Wrong Every Time
Man, Bobduh picks up on so much stuff I miss every episode, especially in shows like Monogatari. It’s great to read his rundown of an episode. His reviews I’m less keen on, they hand out perfect scores far too often to really be serviceable. In general I think the guy’s way too lenient on most shows, but he’s always got something interesting to say.

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