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Hey look an update!

Well, not exactly… Metablogging time! Ok so not that my update schedule was ever great, but this has been a particularly long drought of content and believe me dear readers (yes, both of you), I am less happy about this … Continue reading

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Yet More Musings on the Monogatari Franchise

It’s probably fair to say that there is no piece of fiction for which I have had such turbulent emotions and fluid opinions than Nisio Isin and SHAFT’s eclectic Monogatari franchise. Ironically one of its main themes, if not the … Continue reading

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Relating to an Anime Character Pt 1 – A Post Inspired by Frog-Kun

Pretty much what it says on the tin. Frog-Kun recently made a more personal post about the anime characters with which he has felt a “quasi-spiritual kinship”. Inspired, I’d like to do the same. I’m not sure I feel as … Continue reading

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11 Questions – Liebster Award

So, Froggy-kun nominated me as a part of this Liebster Award thing, which is basically just a way to give some exposure to the smaller blogs around. Of course, this just makes me feel even worse about being so terrible … Continue reading

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Anime Christmas #2 – Learning Post-Modernism Through Chinese Cartoons

It’s not exactly that my love of anime has always been tied to a more academic examination of the medium, but it’s fair to say the development of my interest in the art of good critique and analysis of themes … Continue reading

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Anime Christmas #1 – White Album 2 and The Story You Don’t Know

A brief preamble. This is part of an inter blog project known generally as the 12 Days of Anime. Here’s the basic idea. I’d originally planned to do the full 12 posts, and had started drafting posts accordingly, but alas, … Continue reading

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Stories Worth Telling: We Are More Than The Parts We Play

Anime and its consumer-base is a funny thing, isn’t it? I mean, look at us Western fans who relentlessly pursue a narrow range of culture-specific fiction, often obtainable only through fansubbing groups, an eclectic combination of piracy and thankless public … Continue reading

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