Let’s get straight to the point. I don’t write this blog as a quest for personal betterment. I don’t write it out of a passion for writing (I see writing mostly as a means). I’m not providing a more basically functional service like fansub reviews. I don’t naturally scrutinise the minutiae. I don’t aim to unite the aniblogosphere or serve any such meta-purpose. However, I do have a great passion for the art of good critique. Inspired by the likes of Movie Bob, E Minor and Yahtzee, I strive for pithy analysis that gets to the heart of the strengths and weaknesses of a piece. To understand the aims and means of a piece, and fairly assess it such, but not to let my critical faculties stray, or excuse flaws based on personal enjoyment. To pursue objectivity only in the sense of an unobtainable goal, and not be ashamed or afraid of my biases, but to use them, too, as tools. This is my goal, and I imagine this blog will resemble a chronology of the development of my critical thought processes.

I hope to start up a series of short video critiques (calling them review would be somewhat inaccurate), so when I do this space will be used only for editorials and loose musings. I may be harsh, but I truly love this medium, if I didn’t, I certainly wouldn’t bother pouring so many hours into this blog. I hope you find something here of interest to you.

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  1. emicegan says:

    Offended Nathy gets a mention…

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