Weekly Round-up – Sybil Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

Phew, dat Inferno Cop finale. If you haven’t checked Inferno Cop out yet, go check it out.

You know what? Let’s just call Maoyuu dropped for now. Apart from that I’m up to date on everything except Tamako, for which I’ve only watched the first episode. Let’s go.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 23

It’s beheaded Wham firing a crossbow with his hair. How could I NOT use this screencap?

I do like the way this show sometimes twists one’s expectations. Having Cars fake out like that was a pretty effective kick in the teeth. We were all reared up for a crazy fight and then bam! it’s over, and not for the reasons one might expect. As a side note, I don’t think any other show has ever made me feel this sympathetic for Nazis. They’ve gotten butchered by far the most this arc, and Stroheim’s been pretty helpful all in all. Don’t really have much to say apart from that. Fabulous show is fabulous.

Zetsuen no Tempest 22

My reaction

Any other JRPG players here get strong “night before the final battle” vibes from this episode? I enjoyed the flashback to the boys meeting Aika. The character interactions are what have kept me interested, and I thought that was a nice line: “Because any tragedy may seem a comedy, as long as I am with them.” Of course, Shakespeare wrote a lot of comedies as well as tragedies, it was a fun little reference.

Not much really happened this ep all in all. Zetsuen no Tempest talks too much. A lot of this ep was characters commenting on how funny it is that two normal boys have ended up being so important. Ummm, yes, we got that however many episodes ago. We would have gotten that had you never said it at all, Zetsuen, but at least don’t KEEP saying it.

Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 10

Oh Japan

So while last week’s episode was the touching story of a Mother and Daughter finding some middle ground between their conflicting world-views to the backdrop of a larger discussion pitting the pros and cons of working hard and knowing when to pass the torch against each other, this episode was about Sasami remotely controlling a Goddess to help a futanari (VERY NSFW) who is trying to kill her keep her embarrassing little secret under wraps, all the while the midget Sun Goddess is trying her hardest to have a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against her

That is probably the strangest combination of words I have ever had to string together.

Shaft shows often walk the line between sleazy bizarreness and genius, but even so I was not prepared for the level of crazy in this episode. In all seriousness though, looking past the craziness this essentially boils down to another friendship story, so I’m pretty sure this arc is gonna bore me. The stuff about the value of slacking off is at least a refreshing counter-point to the “Do you best” culture that is nay ubiquitous in anime. Maybe they’ll link in the overarching themes of old vs new and trying your best vs knowing when to throw in the towel a little more further into the arc. Who knows.

Psycho Pass 21

It’s gettin’ Resident Evil 4 up in this bitch.

Everything is proceeding pretty much exactly as you’d expect as we approach finale-ville. We end on about as big a cliff-hanger as Urobuchi could think up without turning to contrivance, and we’re all set up for the final showdown. As a side note, if Makishima doesn’t draw the “Yo Kogami, the guy who killed your old partner now runs the Sybil System” card I’m gonna be surprised and somewhat disappointed. Anyway, I really haven’t much to say about this episode in particular, so I’d like to talk about some of the broader points of Psycho-Pass, in particular, as the title of this round-up suggests, about Sybil and the system that operates in this world in general.

Let’s start with the most recent and relevant irony. If the fight was only between Kogami and Makishima, then Makishima would have already won. Either Makishima literally wins the fight and does his thing, or Kogami wins, but does so in a way that pretty much proves Makishima’s ideals. The great irony here is that in pursuing Makishima so single-mindedly Kogami has essentially accepted Makishima’s world view (he who fights with monsters etc.). Heck, even Makishima himself says he’s pleased with Shinya. He’s basically resolved that not only is Sybil incapable of dealing with Makishima, vigilatism, a “necessary evil” of sorts is the only way to dispose of him, embracing Makishima’s brutality as much as his rejection of the system. Kogami pretty much told Akane he thinks she’s right, but how credible is this in consideration of how he’s acting? Actions speak louder than words etc etc.

Looking a little further back, doesn’t it stand-out that up to this point Kogami has pretty much been carrying the MWPSB? The fact that enforcers are a thing at all shows that the system itself isn’t self-sustaining or self-defensible. Even now Akane is only able to take his place by fully understanding how the system works and not entirely working with it. Ginoza is the only character that has pretty well stuck to the system every step of the way and he’s been painted as nothing but impotent and ineffectual all series.

I’ll be interested to see what state the Sybil system is left in by the end, because I feel like we’re being positioned to dislike it, and for better reasons than all the silly brain supercomputer stuff. Have we seen a successful rehabilitation case in the entire show? It’s been very strongly implied that this is a society that tries to sweep its problems under the rug, not confront and deal with them. Heck, does crime even seem much less prevalent? What’s more it creates a negative feedback loop. A bad psycho pass reading is liable to lead to one’s psycho pass getting even cloudier. As much as I hate the word, it’s all very ableist. If Sybil is left 100% in tact I feel it will be a betrayal of what Psycho Pass has been saying up till now.

Oh, and Akane. Kogami is already a murderer. Remember all those people he freaking DETONATED with the dominator? Yeah, that counts.

Tamako Market 1

Oh look, a cute ditzy girl. Welp, we’re off to a sterling start.

They say stick to what you know, and KyoAni certainly seems stuck, nailed and riveted to what they know. KyoAni kind of strikes me as the Nintendo of the Anime world. They’re very popular and wealthy, they have a legion of loyal fans who will eat up pretty much whatever they make, yet they pretty much remake the same show over and over. Not that what they make is bad, per se (except K-On, of course), it’s completely inoffensive, it’s just unfortunate that that’s because what they make is completely bland and vapid. For chrissakes, they must have enough capital by now, would it kill them to take a risk and do something a bit different? Even J.C. STAFF has Revolutionary Girl Utena and Cat Soup amongst their productions.

The bird’s kind of fun I guess. Ummmm, yeah.

Little Busters 23

I’m sorry Little Busters, the Southern Cross will always be bogan to me.

Oh look, not so subtle hints of some surrealism at play. I hope this means we’re not too far from refrain.

The token political elements this week, unfortunately for Little Busters, mostly just served to remind me of the much more interesting Planetes. I was getting a little intrigued there, but oop, no, we just want some unsympathetic rebels as a catalyst for conflict. The country probably did spend a lot of money they could have been using getting people above the poverty line on a space program , swinging their metaphorical space-cocks around for all the world to see, but nup, rebels are evil. Just are, k. Animation was nice this ep, not sure why it was necessary for Kud to be naked, but whatever.

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