Weekly Round-up – Vampires, Brothers, and Giant Lizards

This is a little late, and it’s going to be a little brief, since I have impending exams. Accordingly I may not get around to this at all next week. I won’t be covering K because, well, it’s basically dropped. I’mma just not get around to watching more of it any time soon. I haven’t gotten around to the latest episodes of Psycho Pass either, so I don’t really have anything to say about it.


This show is approaching train-wreck territory. It is so, so badly written. It’s just filled to the brim with unnecessary elements. It’s like the shotgun approach to grimdark. Let’s just shove as much rape, death, and sociopathy in there as we can. Ah well, train-wrecks are at least more entertaining to watch than mediocrity.

Also, giant lizards out of no-where. Why, say you? Btooom says…

Sword Art Online

There is nothing symbolic about the size of their swords. Nothing at all.

I earnestly look forward to watching this show week to week. The fact that so many people seem to think it’s an emotional roller-coater of an epic just makes it all the more delicious.

Zetsuen no Tempest

Evangeline has about as firm a grasp on the situation as we do, apparently.

Ok, I give in, this show is falling apart. It’s really amateurish and I can’t defend it any longer. I am still intrigued by its mysteries though, so that still puts it ahead of most of the other shows this season. I think this is gonna be in pieces come conclusion time though. I highly doubt it’ll give a satisfying conclusion. May it prove me wrong.

Also, yay, more faux-incest. I feel anime hasn’t got enough of that already.

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai

This screen-cap requires no context.

They seem to be getting more creative with the visual humour. This episode was actually pretty funny. The hyper-dramatic stuff over Isshika’s cutie poll was pretty lame, though. I get what they were going for, trying to be overly dramatic for laughs, but it’s hackneyed and it wasn’t particularly funny.

I’m actually finding myself forward to segments with Dekomori, which I would have never expected, but her interactions with Nibutani seem to lead to the funniest pieces of physical humour. The slide tackle, the scene from the screen-cap above. These moments caught me off-guard and felt genuinely funny.

Needless to say, there is absolutely nothing insightful about this show, but what was I expecting?

Little Busters

Please, Anime, stop it with the onii-chans.

I was actually getting halfway intrigued by the mystery with Komari’s brother, but that mystery just got solved, really damn fast, I might add, so my interest is waning. It was the only thing that looked like it might get me through Komari’s arc when Komari is just a desperately uninteresting character. Welp, hopefully this arc will be over with in another episode and we can get back to the more amusing antics of the whole group. Actually, getting Komari over with first might be a good thing. We’ve still got the other mentally handicapped loli though.

Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun

We can never get away from the damn head-patting, can we?

So I got around to watching this show and it’s, actually it’s pretty good, for high-school romance shoujo, anyway, and yes, that is a hell of a qualifier, but I am earnestly enjoying it. I like the fact that our heroine is no more socially awkward than our hero, for a change. They feel more on even ground than your usual rom-com set-up. They’re learning together, and through their interaction with each other. I also like the way it pokes fun at shoujo cliches. It’s pretty consistently funny, too. Not laugh-out-loud funny, but amusing. I really hope they don’t make too big of a deal over the heroine’s backstory, and portray her obsession with studying as a simple result of neglect by her workaholic mother. It would really cheapen her character at this point, and trying to rationalise her behaviour isn’t going to bring anything to the narrative at this point, I don’t think.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

This show is the campest thing to ever camp.

There’s really not much to say about this show. It just keeps doing its thing. It is getting more and more shounen, I guess, but this is hardly surprising.

I haven’t gotten round to catching up on Robotics;Notes yet either. Ep 3 was livening up a bit when the Robot battles started happening. They were actually pretty well animated and kind of exhilarating. Oop, that’s enough of that, thought the anime, then promptly skipped the majority of the tournament, letting us see a total of two fights. Don’t hide your assets, Robotics;Notes! I’ll happily take robot fights over your sleep-inducing dialogue. Ah well, hopefully more robot battles to come.

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