Time to branch out a bit

So I clearly started this blog with intentions of updating it regularly, but time makes fools of us all it would seem, or if time doesn’t, then underestimating our degree certainly will. I haven’t gotten many views to begin with, and I highly doubt anyone who came to this page actually stopped to read through a whole post. Not that I blame them, there only are three and they’re about pretty old shows. The posts are also pretty amateurish and I’ve put very little effort into making this page attractive, or distinct etc etc etc. The point I’m laboriously trying to get to is that apologising for my inactivity is probably pretty pointless, but reality be damned, manners are important. So I apologise for this blog being so pathetic thus far.

As the title of this post implies, in an attempt to facilitate my actually writing something here, I’m going to expand the topic of this blog to pretty much whatever takes my fancy at the time. Chances are if what takes my fancy isn’t anime then it will probably be something peripheral to the culture, such as JRPGs or general nerddom, so I won’t change the name or about section of this blog, since anime should still be the core subject. This is really just until I get into the rhythm of regular updates anyway.

I plan to have a post up soon about Namco Bandai’s Tales franchise, and in particular the latest entry, Tales of Graces F.

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